We love bringing the pies.


We are happy to cater your events. The minimum order for our food truck can be as low as $500 depending on the time of the event. This includes two hours of truck time. You pay only for the food you order--there are no delivery or travel charges. Ask about a 10% discount on large orders.


Our truck heats pies with propane, so there's no noisy generator. Since the pies are all baked in our kitchen and simply handed out from the truck, we can serve large groups very quickly.


We also operate a catering van and can deliver hot pies to your meeting or other indoor event. This is a great way to feed a large crowd quickly, as we bring trays of hot pies inside and people simply pick up whichever one they like.


Option 1: A La Carte

This option gives you the most flexibility. Tell us how many of each type of pie from our menu to bring, and we make it happen. You pick the pies and we serve them up to you.


Option 2: Person Count

Don't want to worry about the details? Just tell us how many people to expect, and we will give you a variety of pies for your event for $15 per person.


Option 3: Truck at Your Location

We park our truck at your location and sell pies. Folks pay their own way, just like any where else we park.


Option 4: Order from Amazon Fresh

Want just a few pies? Then ordering from Amazon Fresh is a great option! Check out our storefront there.


Are you ready for some pie? Fill out our contact form, or email us at info@314PieSeattle.com.